This morning our courier picked up our stamped dossier from the Rwandan Embassy and overnighted it to our dossier service in New York. Hopefully Kate will then pack it up and FedEx it to Rwanda tomorrow! It will be sent directly to Gladney’s in-country representative, Bonita, who also will serve as our power of attorney in Rwandan court. She will then hand deliver our stack of invaluable paperwork to the Ministry where it will sit in a pile of over 120 other waiting dossiers.

I fully recognize that what has occurred over the past two weeks has been a true miracle. After the doors to adopting from Rwanda were slammed in our face, one thing after another after another occurred to make our adoption possible. Y’all, I assure you that this is more than mere luck or chance. God has been in control of this entire situation from the very beginning, and not a single moment of Wyatt’s story has been an accident.

Pray that our dossier would make it safely to New York and then to Rwanda, the birthplace of our little boy.

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  1. It is going to be so awesome for ya'll to share the story of how God had the perfect plan to get him with your son one day. 🙂

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