Tada! Above you will see the ornate, custom made cake I have ordered for my first born’s birthday bash this weekend…. along with this cake that costs $2.50 a slice, I have also booked clowns, a petting zoo, and will be providing every guest with passes to Disney World in their goody bags.

OK, I jest. In reality, I plan to make Carson a funfetti cake from the box (yummm) and the closest he’ll get to a party this year will be eating pizza out with some of our church friends. I never knew how much grief I would get for not throwing some huge soiree for Carson’s first birthday. To add to my recent feelings of guilt, I received a catalog in the mail yesterday that exists solely to sell supplies for your child’s first birthday party. Good grief, people! I love Carson with every fiber of my being, but I just feel no need to spend inordinate amounts of money on a party for a child who has absolutely no concept of parties or birthdays yet.

Oh, and if you want some material for some good laughs, you really should google “first birthday party” to witness the lengths (and expense) some parents go to. Meanwhile, we’ll be enjoying our funfetti cake.

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  1. I LOVE keeping up with Carson’s life thru the blog! We really miss seeing all of you and watching him grow.

    TOTALLY with you on the first Bday party. For Aaron’s first, we had the family over, and I made about 3 dozen cupcakes, each with one letter on top, so that they spelled out “Happy Birthday Aaron” when arranged on the dining room table. I figured that way he would have his very own cake. I thought it was simple but very cute. But then I was chastised by family members that he didn’t have “a birthday cake”!


    Enjoy, have fun, take lots of pictures!!

  2. Having not yet had the delight of meeting Carson, I too VERY much enjoy hearing all about him. Good for you for not going crazy for the first birthday–it’ll be way more fun if you enjoy it too!

    Happy Birthday Carson!

  3. I’m already getting grief for not wanting a HUGE Christening party so I cant imagine what Aidan’s first birthday will be like. At 25 I still request funfetti cake for my birthday:) All little kids need is cake and icing they can get allll over everything!

    I love reading your blog, Carson is adorable and I love getting an idea of what I have to look forward to with Aidan!

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