In the spirit of sorority rush season (oh the memories…), let’s all review the art of “pro-con-pro”ing.


Pro: Mary Grace has finally (!!) decided that she’d be willing to poop on the potty.  If this is TMI for you, you clearly don’t have kids… but are welcome to babysit for mine any time you so desire.

Con: I was out eleven bucks yesterday for poop-bribery.

Pro: It’s kind of hilarious that she wants two things from going numero dos on the toilet: “lipstick” (i.e. chapstick or lipgloss) and wipes.  Yes, baby wipes.  She is thrilled by her own container of baby wipes that she can pull out, destroy, and wipe down every thing in sight.  Weirdo. 🙂


Let’s try again:


Pro: The same child has seemed to be very inspired by Yo Gabba Gabba’s “Don’t Bite Your Friends” song.  Upon hearing it for the first time this weekend, she remarked, “I love this song because now me know that me not supposed to bite my friends.”  Glad she’s been listening to my motherly instruction all along.

Con: Regardless, she bit a kid’s finger at school yesterday.  Again.  And promptly had all of her baby dolls removed from her bedroom.  Again.

Pro: Uh… the victim still has his finger?