Reflections on the day…

– Mexicans are in absolute hysterics over the swine flu. At least half of my patients are from Mexico. Therefore, I spent much of my day saying something along the lines of, “Your child does not have the swine flu. Your child has a cold. Wipe his nose, and calm down!”

– Matt is becoming me. He surprised me at work this afternoon with rosy cheeked Carson in tow and frantically informed me, “Carson has a fever of 101. Well, actually that was under his arm, so it’s like 102. And he’s been lethargic and has had a decreased appetite. I thought I should do the right thing and bring him in to get checked out.” Sure enough, his little ear was terrible looking, and he’s on yet another 10 days of antibiotics.

– Similarly, I am becoming my mother. On my drive to work in the mornings, I take so much pleasure in listening to Dobson’s radio program. What I would do to have the chance to sit down with him for coffee someday. Oh, and with Beth Moore. Yeah, that would be sweet.

– I am a big time hypocrite. I preach the importance of providing children with a nutritious diet, especially when they are sick, and would you like to know what I fed my sickie boy for dinner tonight? Raisins and ice cream.

– I really should have been more laid back with my last pregnancy. I allow myself a couple Diet Cherry Coke Zeros a week now, and my life is so much better because of it.