“Roses are red;

violets are blue;

Sometimes I’m a pain;

and so are you, boo…”

That, my friends, is the beginning of the poem Matt received from me this morning.  Because I love him.  And, let’s be real, it’s the truth.

Speaking of truth, I helped each of the kids put together a card for Matt this morning with the prompt of “daddy I love you because…”.  Without a moment of hesitation, Mary Grace continued, “daddy, I love you because you love mommy.  Even though you really didn’t like that dinner she cooked last night and it all went in the trash.”

Again, truth.

 So, from a home that doesn’t always do sappy romance incredibly well but sure is brimming with love, Valentine’s Day!


And just for fun… Valentine’s day 2014 vs. 2013.  Carson and Mary Grace don’t look too drastically different to me (teeny Mary Grace still fits in those clothes she was wearing last year)… but holy cow.  Elizabeth.  She was such a baby last year!  Craziness.