In honor of our hometown American Idol hero, I thought I’d post a few (of the many) Scotty-love sightings around here. As you see, you can’t even hit up the local grocery store or KFC/Taco Bell without the subtle reminders that “Scotty Mccreery is so good”. (Creative, right?)

I do happen to agree with KFC, but then again I think that all remaining contestants are fabulous. In fact, this is undoubtedly my favorite season of American Idol thus far. Some of this probably stems from my small crush on Steven Tyler. No worries, though- Matt is well aware of this celebrity crush and is quite amused by the unlikely good girl/bad boy pairing.

I’m crossing my fingers that magically no one gets kicked off tonight and everyone wins and lives happily ever after. Because, for real, isn’t there enough stress and strife in the world already??