IMG_1012Good gracious.  This cute little thing was some kind of sick this week.  We were up most of Wednesday night with her feverish self which I attributed to teething.  But when Elizabeth’s fever kept climbing on Thursday and I could hardly wake her, I realized that we were dealing with a bit more than teeth.  After chatting with a few fabulous resources, we all agreed that malaria was high on the list of possible diagnoses.  (Yes, she’s been home for two months, but certain strains of malaria can lie dormant for months.)  Thankfully, some of the fabulous missionaries I met in Congo insisted that I bring the malaria treatment home from Kinshasa as it’s far easier and cheaper to buy there.  (For those of you adopting from DRC, it’s well worth the $10.  Buy at least one test kit and cure per traveler!)  Sure enough, only 24 hours after her first dose, Elizabeth was nearly back to normal.  Crazy.

I’m so humbled by the fact that the $10 prescription that likely allowed Elizabeth such a dramatic, lightning fast turnaround is financially unattainable for much of Congo’s population.  Children die from malaria every day around the world, and it is beyond maddening to me.  Simple mosquito nets coupled with early detection and treatment could save thousands of lives.  OFA is in the middle of some exciting malaria-prevention efforts with several orphanages they support.  Let me know if you’re interested in helping out, and I’d love to share the details.

Oh and no worries.  Elizabeth is back to her happy, active, eating-everything-in-sight self.  Thank you, Lord!