Late Friday, I received an email containing the scanned and signed copy of our approval letter from Rwanda! I know I mentioned a while ago that I had heard we were approved. And just last week, I posted that the letter was apparently signed. For some reason, though, seeing the letter with my own eyes took me by surprise. The minister’s signature. The exact wording of the infamous letter. This filled me with such joy and renewed hope. I keep finding myself looking at the letter over and over again. That scanned signature from the minister is the closest we have come thus far to our son, and so it remains precious to me.

The letter is dated August 8th and (as expected) includes the clause about the six month window we have from time of approval to receive a referral. Six months out places us at February 8th, 2012. Having this concrete timeline in my head gives me a fresh sense of urgency to get down on my face and beg God for mercy and a miracle. And as I pray, I am also reminded that God- who created day and night- is not confined by timelines. His timing is flawless, His ways perfect, and His goodness boundless.

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