Since when…

…did preschoolers get into the Duke/UNC rivalry? Carson was playing innocently at the children’s museum this morning when a big kid (big like, ya know, four whole years old) who was all decked out in his UNC shirt went to snatch Carson’s Duke hat off of his head! I just stood there and watched to see how Carson would react. His ultra-sensitive, Duke-hat-loving self wailed. I kinda wanted to see him slap that boy silly… kinda, but not really.

…did it become possible to scramble eggs in the microwave? Seriously, this discovery has changed my life this week. Just dump some Eggbeaters in a mug, pop it in the microwave, and voila- protein in a cup.

…did Chloe think it was cool to eat all of Carson’s Thomas the Tank Engine removable stickers and then proceed to vomit them up? I would love to know what else is buried away in her intestines these days.

…did the story of the three little pigs become so frightening? I stopped by the library during my lunch hour yesterday to pick up some fresh books for Carson. I had fun memories of reading this book as a kid, so I was excited to read it with him when I got home. By the second time he heard “not by the hair of my chinychinchin”, Carson screamed, jumped off my lap, and ran to Matt with tears streaming down his face. I hope I haven’t scarred him for life.