You, big girl, are SIX today.  And, gracious, has it been an epic year for you.

Let’s recap.  In the past year, you have started (and slayed) kindergarten.  Donned ballet slippers and tap shoes for the first time.  Discovered your love for horses at Hope Reins.  And, just one week ago, you were baptized.

It’s an unspeakable joy to watch you grow up, sweet girl.

You, Elizabeth, have the sweetest, kindest heart, and you have this uncanny ability to remember the names of every. single. person. you ever meet.  It’s unbelievable, really.  You are deeply empathetic, care about those around you, and make friends easily.

You love Barbies, Shopkins, and all-things-fancy.  Your favorite place to be is in the kitchen helping me… preferably, spatula of brownie batter in hand.  You study cookbooks like it’s your JOB.  And you dance and twirl and cartwheel through life.  All day.  Every day.  If it were not so dang cute, it might be problematic.  Because Target shoppers don’t always know how to respond to cartwheeling legs and arms spinning through the aisles.

You hate to be hot or hungry.  Can’t say I blame you.

Your best friend is Mary Grace.  No contest.  The two of you couldn’t be more different in personalities, and yet, the relationship the two of you have is so precious it makes me want to weep some days.  And then, other days?  Other days, I feel like weeping from the incessant “MOMMMM.  Mary Grace is touching me!!  Elizabeth is looking at me!!  I WANT MY OWN ROOM!”

Just being real here.

Your favorite color is pink.  Your favorite show is Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse (omg…).  Your favorite food is beef.  All of it.  And, when you grow up, you have your heart set on being a missionary or a vet.  (A missionary vet perhaps?)

Good gracious, Elizabeth, you are so loved.  You are so loved.  You. are. so. loved.  We are insanely proud of you, darling girl, and we hope this is the best year yet.

Happy sixth birthday!

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