Just a little adoption check-in for any interested parties out there…

  • Chicken: Our Chick-fil-a fundraiser last night was absolutely amazing! I really cannot find the words to describe how much it means to us to see so many people rally behind our family, Wyatt, and adoption in general. Small groups from The Summit descended upon the Land ‘O Christian Chicken in droves. It was loud, crowded, and such an incredible encouragement to us that we are not in this alone. To any of you who came out… thank you so much!
  • Moolah: We have been given a no-go for a few grants for which we have applied, but we’re not allowing that to get us down. God has been providing so faithfully throughout this entire adoption process, so we have no reason to believe that He’s going to quit now.
  • Timeline: Huh? What’s that? At this point, whenever I get the question of when Wyatt will be coming home, I tend to give different answers each time… probably because I have no flippin’ clue! I haven’t heard of any approvals or referrals in recent weeks, so I’m guessing we’re still hanging tight at #122. There has been a Gladney representative meeting with the Ministry in Rwanda over the past week or so, and I hope she will be reporting back with some good news during our monthly conference call next week.
  • Monogramming: Last night, Wyatt received his first gifts from my dear friend Katie. Every Allison needs copious amounts of monogrammed goods, which Katie clearly recognizes and supports.

Those are the only updates I can think at the moment. Keep the prayers coming! God is truly at work along this road to Wyatt!

3 Comments on "so, like, how’s all that adoption stuff going?"

  1. Such a relief to hear that Gladney is there helping. I would love for you to keep me posted on any news you may hear from your agency. Our agency (AWAA) always seems to know very little. My email: themahoney4@hotmail.com

  2. Glad you love Wyatt's presents! Let's bring this sweet little boy home!

    Love yall!!


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