Last evening, my husband accused me of being stuck in the 1990’s. I didn’t argue with his accusation. I believe this particular claim was precipitated by my horror over an article written about CDs soon being phased out. Yes, I do download and listen to MP3s… but I am that girl who still insists on having her MP3s burned onto a CD. Yes, circa the 1990s. Or at least the early 21st century.

I don’t own a fancy schmancy smart phone. Matt calls my plain little flip phone a “dumb phone”. I don’t care. iPhones intimidate me. So do Macs in general. As “user friendly” as they claim to be, I can’t for the life of me figure them out. Shoot, I just recently converted over to my first ever laptop (i.e. Matt’s old Dell). Sadly, I only use it as a desktop as I am incapable of using a laptop without an attached mouse.

I don’t own a Kindle, nor do I want to. I like the feel of paper pages when I read books. Despite my recent dabbling into Pinterest, I still tear out pictures and articles from magazines. And I will always, always, always prefer to read the paper copy of the Sunday newspaper.

I don’t tweet, but I do blog. I own, use, and love my paper calendar. And I will always be a list-on-a-clipboard maker.

If you ask me, the 90’s weren’t so bad… 🙂