If you have a weak stomach or are not well versed in blowout diapers or if you’re about to go out and enjoy a romantic Valentine’s dinner, you may want to avert your eyes. I just thought this was too disgusting not to post.

Alright, so as I was getting a load of laundry in the wash this afternoon, my ever-helpful son ran to me and said “Ooooweee mama, Gracie poopoo!” He doesn’t usually announce these things to me, so I went to check on Mary Grace who was enjoying her Johnny Jump-up (which we did, indeed, find in the garage and she does, in fact, love).

This is how I found her.

7 Comments on sugar and spice and everything nice?!

  1. Dear Catherine,
    Your blog is like an IV drip of birth control straight into my veins. I mean it.


  2. Dear Tiffany,
    Whatever. You're going to be dealing with sweet little Ethiopian poop before you know it. Same thing.
    Love, Catherine

  3. Dear Catherine,
    I'm not so much concerned about the ethnicity of said poop so much as the quantity of it and the location of it — ie: all over the carpet!!


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