Thanks to all of you who have showed so much interest in our shirts! Yes, I know, they’re sweet… and I don’t feel bad saying so since I had zero to do with their design. Just a few changes/updates I wanted to let all of you know about…

The shirt supplier was out of the Tultex tees so we chose the Anvil 980 instead. 99 percent of you guys could care less about that, but I fully recognize that there are some t-shirt snobs connoisseurs out there who require this sort of info. These are very similar shirts- both lightweight and soft. Same exact design, color, and look. Oh and get excited- now we’re ordering a wider selection of sizes! We now will have available youth smalls through youth larges as well as adult small through XXL. So, aside from the ittybitties, we can outfit your entire family! You’re welcome.

I’m picking them up from the printer tomorrow or Thursday.

Get ’em while you can! We already have half spoken for!! (But I’m not going to lie… I would love to have to put in a second order.)

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  1. Does that mean it's not too late to request one?? I'd love to buy an adult small if you still have them!

  2. Heather, it's not too late at all to request one! The one (good) problem is that we have already sold out of all of the smalls… so we plan on putting in another order next week. Do you mind waiting a few weeks?

  3. Hey Kendra! We love strangers! 🙂 Shoot me an email at catherinesallison at gmail dot com and let me know what size you want as well as your address!

  4. Catherine and Matt, I am so very happy that the yard sale was a complete success. I love the pictures and wish I could have been there the day of. Getting more excited by the day to meet precious Wyatt. It is surely a God Wink !!!

  5. Dang, I'd love to buy one too if you end up putting in a second order or have one left in my size! If they're clingy, go with a large. If not, medium is great. I can bring Matt a check to work. How much are you selling them for?

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