Still no fingerprint dates.

Still no embassy interview (i.e. when we’ll make our first trip) date.


In fact, the embassy now does not want to schedule any embassy interviews until the child has their passport.  They can’t start the passport process for Elizabeth until she’s in Kinshasa next week.  However, even then, there’s a bit of a snag as the passport office has run out of paper for the passports.  (Yep, this is Africa.)

Let’s review: no paper = no passport = no embassy date = no travel = no good.

Pray that they would get more paper asap!


Um, and I’m not sleeping.  It’s bad.  I’ve always been wary of sleeping pills, but I’m on the verge of succumbing.  Until then, I’ll be chugging coffee.  Could be worse.

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  1. Been rejoicing (and weeping ;)) with you on the progress – praying things would continue to move along. And goodness, could I mail them some paper?? Seriously.

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