As you all know, we Allisons are very highly cultured.  Television and video games have no value to us.  No, we would much prefer to spend our days like this.  Frequenting art museums and pondering the works of art in the only appropriate way.  Silent awe.  Because if I can describe my precious children in one way, it would be “still and quiet”.


LIES.  But, people, I did take my three (precious. but SO not quiet. or still. or, well, cultured. at all.) kids to an art museum this week.  A large art museum with precious, ancient, priceless things everywhere.  I get nervous taking them into Pottery Barn.  What was I even thinking?  WAS I even thinking?  Probably, no.

But the good God above took pity on my delusional self and he and ALL of his angel armies went with us (it takes a village, y’all), and lo and behold, it was a fabulous experience.  We only set off one alarm and had museum employees practically hyperventilating as they watched the kids’ every move, but it was actually weirdly enjoyable.  Easy, even.  I don’t even know what’s happening to my life.


But before you think we’ve gone too far off the deep end in terms of our newfound love of the fine arts, I kept Carson home from school on Wednesday for no good reason.  Mostly I just didn’t even have it in me to attempt all of the schoolish things that day.  Like carpool logistics.  I’m very, very mature like that.  But lest you think that I’m allowing my child to fall behind, this girl right here took her son on a COLLEGE VISIT.  At the age of seven.  We Allisons are not only very cultured, but we’re ahead of the game in terms of higher education.  No child left behind in this house!


Okay, so we toured Cameron Indoor Stadium.  But.  We brushed shoulders with some very, very smart people which surely upped our brainpower by a few points.  So, yeah.


Finally, as if Monet and Coack K were not enough, we were given tickets to see hundreds of circus performers ALMOST KILL THEMSELVES for two straight hours at the circus this weekend.  Really, I can’t even tell you the anxiety the circus produces in my soul.  But these kids?  They adored every minute of it.


I suppose it’s because they’re just so refined.