Two and a half weeks ago, our family was dealt the dreaded “c” card.  Cancer.  It was my mom, and it was an aggressive type of cancer.  It’s been a heck of a few weeks to say the least.  One major surgery and countless prayers later, we received confirmation of some of the best possible news today:

The cancer is gone.

The long-awaited biopsy results were in: despite the aggressive nature of her cancer, it had not spread.  My mom has a couple rounds of radiation ahead just to be sure that there aren’t any stubborn cancerous cells hanging out, but she’s essentially considered clear.  Thank you, Jesus!

You know, God didn’t have to show us mercy in this.  We could have been delivered vastly different news today.  News that would have completely changed the trajectory of her treatment and expected outcome.  But good news or bad, God’s goodness would never have changed.  His faithfulness would never have wavered.  To be perfectly honest, I’ve found myself grasping for truth and having to remind myself of this time and time again over the somewhat tortuous past few weeks.  And in those reminders, I found myself finally able to exhale- cheeks stained with tears and gaze focused upward.

Apparently, my mom’s oncologist (good gosh it sucks to have the word “oncologist” enter into one’s everyday vocabulary) emphasized today how “lucky” she is.  And perhaps many would call it that. But our family?  We call it grace.  Answered prayer.  And an extravagant display of the Lord’s unending love and mercy.

“Great is thy faithfulness” indeed.

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  1. So thankful! What a hard few weeks for you guys, that must have been so scary and hard for all of you (esp. your mom). Praising God with you for miracles and mercy.

  2. You are so right, Catherine. I am obviously shouting God’s goodness from the housetops. But this is the thing: had the results been negative and the future bleak, God would have been just as good, as holy, as sovereign and loving towards me. His character never changes. That is a truth we can always cling to.

    • So beautifully said and so very true! God’s mercy and grace will always carry you through whatever you are facing.

      (I am a friend of Colin Gallahan. My daughter went to school with him. Will keep your Mom in my prayers!)

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