In my admittedly limited life experience thus far, I have learned one thing time and time again. When we trust God for something big and for something He has led us to, we are giving Him an awesome opportunity to display His glory. When I loosen my tight grip on control and allow God to be God, I am always reminded that His plans and intentions work out far better than my own anyway. I have a hard head, so this has unfortunately been a perpetual cycle in my life.

This has really been the theme of the past month for me, as we have worked through the beginning stages of our adoption. This adoption- and the nitty gritty details of the process itself- are so much bigger than me. I have had no choice but to let go of my perceived sense of control. Otherwise, I would go crazy… and we do not need any more crazy in our house!

Take yesterday for instance. I have been fed up with the time it has taken the Virginia Health Department to send our marriage license. I needed this before I could renew my passport which is required for our dossier, and passports are notorious for taking forever to arrive. So, yesterday morning, I prayed a very specific prayer and asked God to expedite the processing of our marriage license. I even was bold enough to ask that it would arrive that very day. I then asked Matt to pray the same.

Well, guess what arrived in the mail just hours later. Yep, the marriage license.

Now, would God have been any less sovereign or good if it did not arrive? What if it had been lost in the mail, and the process had been slowed down? Would that have implied that He didn’t care about my prayer and that He didn’t love me? Absolutely not. However, He did remind me of His goodness yesterday through this simple act.

I know that there are some who might assume that God had nothing to do with this- that this is pure coincidence. And I totally get that mindset. However, I believe in a God who works out even small details of life for His glory, and I am pretty pumped to witness this firsthand through this wild and crazy and richly rewarding adoption process.