I actually don’t have any juicy secrets to share about Carson, but I realized I have failed to say much about the little prince recently, so I thought I would fill all of you in on some little known facts about our little chunk. (I’m sure you’re all sitting on the edge of your seats. Ha.).

  • Here we see Carson’s latest fetish… door springy things (I have no earthly idea what they’re called, so we’ll stick with my oh-so-technical terminology)! He will compulsively scoot himself as fast as his little arms and legs will take him to the nearest door springy thing and of course stick it in his mouth promptly. In fact, just about everything goes straight to his mouth… necklaces, hair, cell phones, electrical cords… everything!

  • I’m going to be one of those annoying moms who brags about how smart/good looking/athletic her child is… I see it coming, so I’m just going to start with this… Carson can now pull to a stand all by himself! Matt didn’t believe me when I told him, but sure enough, Carson was quick to perform for his daddy last night when he came home from work.
  • Carson’s new favorite toy: wooden spoons! We were “playing drums” with pots and wooden spoons yesterday morning at 6:30am (in my vain attempts to rouse Matt from his deep slumber), and since then, Carson can hardly stand to be separated from his beloved utensil.
  • The boy can EAT! Oddly enough, his favorite food by far has been prunes. He also loves avocado and peas. I could live without all of the above, but more power to him for his undiscerning tastebuds.
  • Speaking of eating, Carson thoroughly enjoyed his first experience with Zwieback toast yesterday. It probably goes without saying that we was carried straight from his highchair to the bathtub afterwards.

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