Life these days has been full.  Mostly good-full.  Because, fall!!  Forget the Christmas carol.  This, my friends, is the reallyandtruly ACTUAL most wonderful time of the year.  Around here at least.  Which is why it’s highly unfortunate that D-Day is rapidly approaching (next week.  I don’t wanna talk about it.)  I keep dragging my kids outside on walks and hikes and general fall-love-fests before it’s too late.  Upon hearing these sentiments, Matt continues to find it necessary to remind me that I’m not dying next week.  That my one-armed self can still do fall-ish things and I don’t have to cram it all into a few short September weeks.  But I tell him he can only talk about not-dying when HE gets hardware installed into HIS bone.  And that solves that.


So, yes.  We’ve been busy.  Fall in rural North Carolina = fair and festival season which = risking one’s life on rickety old fair rides which clearly = loads of fun.

IMG_9383Fall in Johnston County also means…

IMG_9559bow huntin’ season!  Uh, or not.  But we have logged countless hours in nearby forests and parks over the past few weeks.  It makes the kids happier people.  The adults happier people.  We all seem far more functional when we’re outside in this gorgeousness.  And I’m a fan of functional.

IMG_9458See?!  Just so much love!IMG_9509So much functional-ness!

IMG_9459We’re never going inside ever again, kids!

IMG_9523Before you think it’s been all rainbows and unicorns around here, the following precious little picture was taken after my precious daughter pushed her precious “Baby Deluga” into oncoming traffic as she yelled “I am just SO TIRED of pushing this baby around everywhere!”  I rescued her baby, and Mary Grace stomped away irate.IMG_9471Alright, so we all have our less-than-functional days.  Even in the fall.