Sweet goodness, it’s been a busy week.  (Or month.  Year…)

A quick synopsis:

First, the Lilley-Badgett wedding!!  We drove down (over? up?) to good ‘ol Gates County, North Carolina to watch some of our favorites get married.  Rachel was our kids’ amazing babysitter during her last two years at NC State, and we were thrilled to be there to see her finally marry Travis.  The reception took place at a beautiful old barn, and the kids ran wild.  Because that’s just what they do.





Then, earrrrly Monday morning, Mary Grace and I headed to Chapel Hill to have her birthmark removed from her scalp.  She’s had this since birth, but due to recent funky changes in the mole, its removal was recommended.  I was dreading having to break the news that it was going to be cut off, so I… just didn’t.


Here, we see Mary Grace oblivious in the waiting room, despite wearing a huge “don’t feed me, I’m going into surgery” sticker…


Oblivious in pre-op, despite the surgeon writing on her forehead…


Oblivious in post-op, despite, well, being post-op…


And, as we celebrated with donuts afterwards, she continued to be oblivious to what had just gone down.

It wasn’t until Monday evening that she casually mentioned to me, “Hmm.  For SOME reason, my head hurts.”  To which I just as casually responded, “You know how I told you they were checking your birthmark today?  Well, ya know, they ended up taking it off!”  And she didn’t. even. care.  Not one eyelash was batted.  Not one question was asked.  She just continued on with life, and that was that.

While we’re talking about strong Allison women, may I also just say that Elizabeth (who incidentally has a mouthful of cavities. awesome. not.) had two of said cavities filled today with NO tears!  AND she fell asleep during her fillings?  She’s two.  That’s craycray.

But let’s not forget Carson.  The kid who woke up at TWO IN THE MORNING, fully dressed and ready to go to school this week.  The kid who is suddenly obsessed with math problems.  And the kid who is apparently preparing for his future career as a backup dancer for Lecrae.  Because he’s awesome like that.

And that’s been our week.  And pretty much our life these days.  Crazy.  Busy.  Crazy busy.  But good.

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  1. Last time my mom was visiting, I started showing her everyone’s blogs and instagram feeds, so now she always wants updates. I sent her your blog post today and I just had to copy & paste her email in your comments section:

    I love it!!! I laughed & laughed. Love the utube dancing video too. Your friend is a smart Mom! Great strategy—less said the better. I guess after being Jesus dying on the cross, what’s a little scalp surgery.

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