Three years ago today, Carson Luke Allison tumbled into the world. In fact, he came so fast that my epidural didn’t have a chance to kick in… and he’s been full-steam ahead ever since. We had so much fun celebrating the birthday boy today and look forward to the celebrations continuing into next weekend.

Of course, in true Carson fashion, he just had to throw us for a loop as we were getting him settled down for the night tonight. We asked if he had had a good birthday. Carson thought for a second and said, “Well… I wanted a really really really big present. A really big present like a Hot Wheels.” Thankfully, I always keep a stash of Hot Wheels around here and quickly threw one in a gift bag for “one last special present”. You should have seen the look on the child’s face from that cheap little car. Grinning from ear to ear, he exclaimed, “Thank you mommy and daddy. Now I’ve had a good birthday!”

Carson woke up to his new kitchen set from his Mimi and Granddad. My dad was a little apprehensive about giving his grandson a kitchen set, but I can’t tell you how much he loves that thing already.

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  1. Happy Birthday Car Car! That is funfetti cake no doubt? Hope to see ya again soon.

    Aunt Beth

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