I have a very proud papa on my hands. The emails began Thursday morning after Duke’s much anticipated victory against Carolina. The pleas continued that evening over dinner. All Matt requested was for a mention on my blog of Carson’s incredible powers to bring win after win to Duke’s basketball team. I mean, he might be slightly deranged when it comes to his undying loyalty to this collegiate team, but he does have a valid point when it comes to the fact that Duke has not lost a single game since the birth of Carson.

I must admit, though, that I was slightly worried when I turned on the Duke-BC game Saturday afternoon. You see, as Matt was deep sea fishing in VA beach for the day, I was under strict orders to watch at least part of the game with our son. “Duke needs him,” Matt pleaded. He went on to explain that his presence in front of the television was especially necessary during the second half because– get this– “he is a second half baby.” (See, I told you he was deranged.) Well, deranged or not, Matt seems to have figured this thing out. As I turned on the game near the end of the second half and saw that Duke was down by 8, I obediently (I am SUCH a submissive wife) fetched Carson from his crib. Sure enough, as the second half progressed, Duke shot a couple more three pointers, made a few more rebounds, and ultimately ended up winning 90-80. So, my little Carson, just you wait till March Madness. The pressure is on.

This is DeMarcus Nelson. He has HUGE muscles.

And this is Gerald Henderson blocking Tyler Hansbrough. Last year, he broke his nose which you can watch here.
I must say- the background music adds much to this particularly bloody clash of rivals.

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