Highlights of last week:

1. Matt went out of town for a church staff retreat.  To rest.  To recharge.  Oh you know, all of those things my dreams are made of.

2. The morning he left for the retreat, I made a spur of the moment trip up to Virginia to pick up Lucy.  Because OF COURSE I would bring a new dog into our family whilst solo parenting for a week.  Of course.

3. We all rejoiced in the realization that Lucy really is the best dog ever.  I feel guilty admitting this (RIP Chloe), but for real.  She sleeps, eats, and snuggles.  Kind of like a newborn except, well, not.

IMG_70904. I solo-parented my way through multiple soccer and t-ball games.  And survived.

IMG_70065. While I’m surviving t-ball games, Matt’s living the life on his retreat.  That is, until he gets his front tooth knocked out playing basketball.  He comes home a day early, looking ri.di.cu.lous.

6. Matt gets broken tooth fixed.

7. AC breaks.

8. We get broken AC fixed.

9. Mama loses her mind and decides that this is the PERFECT TIME to transition Elizabeth to a big girl bed!!  Matt questions my timing but wisely keeps his mouth shut because (1) The Retreat and (2) Mother’s Day.


10. Elizabeth’s remarkably easy transition to the Big Girl Bed is somewhat reminiscent of that time she potty trained herself.  Because she’s awesome.


11. The neighborhood pool opened, the kids rejoiced, and I bid adieu to the spring that wasn’t.

IMG_7055So, here’s to a new week.  Bring on the crazy.