You guys.  I’m about to overload this thing with pictures over the next few days.  Because if you can’t post superfluous pictures of your doting (ha!) children on a mommy blog, than why even take pictures?!  I jest.  But for real, we just had the best weekend away, and I have to document.  First stop on Friday was Busch Gardens.  I had never done Busch Gardens in the fall before, but it was perfect.  Zero lines.  No sweating.  And the beauty of Williamsburg in the fall.  Win.Win.Win.

It was also the kids’ first theme park experience, and 2/3 of them were in love.  Elizabeth was mostly ambivalent to the experience and was hesitant about meeting her favorite Sesame Street characters in real life, but I did successfully manage to coax her onto a few rides.  And, while I didn’t have the chance to get that money shot of her gleefully running to hug Elmo, she was more than willing to have her picture taken with an inanimate picture of Ernie.  Ya win some, ya lose some.

After the seriously great time we had on Friday, I’m already lamenting that we’re no longer Virginia residents and are ineligible for the resident season pass deals.  But we’ll be back.  Hopefully sooner than later.


(Yes, I took Carson out of school to ride roller coasters.  Sure, it was only a half day, most of which was consumed with a Halloween party.  And sure, he’s in KINDERGARTEN.  And maaaaybe it took some heavy coaxing on Matt’s part because I was just being way too Type A “OMG, but he can’t miss school! He’s not even sick!”about all of this.  But, nonetheless, I am reminding him on a daily basis that I’m the for letting him skip school.)










Next up, the river…