This is in honor of Katie’s comment on my last post. Because yes, I was just squeezing the blood out of Matt’s hand 30 seconds ago with my last contraction and am still posting on my blog.

So, after walking 2.5 hours (which Matt and I calculated to be roughly 5 miles) in my hospital gown and flip flops this morning, I was finally given the go ahead to be admitted. Well, and that was also after some tears when the nurse mentioned that I might not be progressing enough to stay. Tears and threatening Matt to have a home birth if I was sent home. But anyway, I was 4 cm about an hour and a half ago and my “bag of water” is no longer. The pain is in full force and my epidural is due to arrive in T-40 minutes. HALLELUJAH!! It can’t come soon enough.

OK, that’s my update. The rest are up to Matt.