…your husband’s new favorite study spot is McDonald’s. The past few weeks, he has sat in the nearby McDonald’s for hours studying, using their free wireless, and drinking obscene amounts of Dr. Pepper with football in the background. I think this is very bizarre and continue to suggest that he tries Starbucks or some equally respected (and shall I say… normal?!) study spot. He won’t hear of it, though. “Sunday nights are McDonald’s nights,” he says. How classy.

3 Comments on you know you live in Johnston County when…

  1. hmmph, and what is your favorite fast food item, Catherine? McDonald's ice cream cone ring a bell? Looks like you and Matt have more in common than we knew….

  2. Oh whatever. What other place can you get ultra florescent lights and 6000 calories in Dr. P? Yeah, that's what I thought. Don't be haters.

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