So, it’s 2014.  I love the beginning of each new year.  It’s not about the resolutions (I’ve never made them) or even about the idea of a fresh start.  I think my love of January- of the new year- hinges more on my desire for normalcy and stability and predictable schedules.  As festive and exciting as the holidays are, it feels so good to get back to the grind in January.  I love the grind.  Because, apparently, I’m quite possibly the most boring person on the planet.

Speaking of boring, you should have seen my party animal self on New Year’s Eve.  I was out cold on the couch at 8pm and in bed for good by 10pm. I would have felt bad about this if the sleep didn’t feel so good.

In other news…

  • Nearly four years after we started our adoption process, I mailed off our last check and stack of paperwork to Homeland Security today (for Elizabeth’s Certificate of Citizenship)!!  And all the angels rejoiced!!  USCIS, it’s been real, but you have consumed more hours of my life and dollars from our account than I ever thought possible, and I’m kind of glad we’re parting ways.  (Also.  I had to have passport-sized pictures taken of Elizabeth for her paperwork.  I’m pretty positive that this will be the cutest, most-unamused subject of a passport picture the Walgreens photo guy will see all week long.)IMG_5316
  • Last week was the Week ‘O Babies!!  And it was fantastic.  First, on New Year’s Day, we headed to the airport to celebrate the homecoming of a beautiful little two year old girl that a sweet couple from our church has adopted from Ethiopia.  Their adoption process has been long and bumpy, and it was such a picture of the Lord’s faithfulness to see Ryah finally in their arms.  (On a semi-related note, shortly after we stepped into the airport, Mary Grace remarked, “oh!  this is where we got Elizabeth!”.  As if all babies just magically arrive in airports.  I think I’ll let her keep thinking that for a while.)  And as if that was not enough, my dear friend and former (sniff) co-worker, Maria, gave birth to one of the cutest little boys ever on Thursday.  Completely unable to restrain myself, I busted into her delivery room less than an hour after his birth.  While this might go against most social norms, I clearly didn’t care.  Ugh, isn’t he just the cutest?!IMG_5289
  • Following our little rendezvous in the L&D unit, Carson asked me how babies come out.  “Do they cut them out or do they just pop out?… and how DO they pop out?”  Dodging questions doesn’t work with this kid.  He likes details.  You guys, he’s been devouring anatomy books since he was teeny.  And yet, I went for it.  “What do you mean?” I said.  “They just pop out!  You know, they just pop!”  And then I changed the subject… to Legos… because desperate times call for desperate measures, y’all.
  • Also, I’ve been planning hard for Carson’s sixth (! ??? !) birthday party this weekend.  And by “planning hard”, I mean I’ve called to confirm that the bounce house place is indeed planning our arrival on Saturday morning.  In years past, I have felt guilty about my failure to plan elaborate parties for my kids.  I mean, I can pin the party ideas with the best of you.  I marvel at all of your ornate homemade cakes and themed party activities, but that’s the end of it.  When all is said and done, my kids’ parties always wind up being at a place.  You know, a place that does the entertaining for me.  With store-bought cakes.  No shame here.  But rock on, all you awesome party planners… and feel free to refrain from inviting my kids to your pinteresty parties so they don’t know what they’re missing.
  • This I really must document for posterity’s sake…  Mary Grace was given a new baby doll for Christmas.  She named her “Baduga”.  That, my friends, means her most beloved baby dolls are named Deluga, Beluga, and Baduga.  That is all.
  • And finally, this:IMG_5319

Mary Grace and Elizabeth have insisted on napping together for the past few days.  WITH Mary Grace in a matching sleep cap.  I’m seriously not sure if I should laugh or tear up from the sweetness…regardless, let it be known that this little twosome kills me.

 I hope all of you have had lovely beginnings to the new year.  2014, here we go.