Recently, Mary Grace has been on a book “writing” (dictating and illustrating) kick.  Her recent works, to put it mildly, have raised a few eyebrows.  For instance, she wanted to write my mom- her beloved “Mimi”- a book for Christmas.  Sadly though, Mimi was killed off in her book that was so lovingly written and wrapped for the occasion.  But, alas, that’s just one small example.  Take a peak at last night’s literary masterpiece (???)…

“Mama turned into a monster.

Daddy walked across a surfboard.

Mama and daddy got into a monster’s mouth.

A tree was talking.

Mary Grace is hanging on the back of the cross.

Mary Grace hit the bad guys.

Mary Grace found a place to live where there was no wind or bad guys.

A little wind blew Mary Grace around the kingdom.

A peacock flew over to Mary Grace and loved her because she was pink.

The end.”

As Mary Grace proudly asks us to read through her (many. many.) books that she has recently authored, we praise her for her creativity and her ability to think (way) outside the box.  And then I instinctively cut my eyes over to Matt with a look of utter bewilderment because- I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- I just don’t know.