Dear Johnston County,
A new Super Walmart was erected down the road from here last week. It’s nice, and boy was it crowded yesterday, but I am just a little confused. You see, I can drive 15 minutes and reach three different Walmarts, each placed adjacent to a Dollar Tree and a Chinese buffet. Let’s not mention the countless Mexican restaurants… I think we’re good on those fine dining establishments, too. The question I feel obligated to pose is where are the bookstores around here? Googlemaps just informed me that there is not a single Barnes and Noble or Borders in this entire county. I know these people love them some Dollar Trees and Walmarts, but how ’bout encouraging literacy around these parts. While you’re at it, a Panera would be nice as well.
A Concerned Citizen

2 Comments on a cure for illiteracy

  1. Oh how I miss the days of barnes and noble on tuesdays. I have to say the books at the dollar store just aren't the same! :-p

  2. When we lived in middle-of-nowhere Arizona we actually contacted Barnes & Noble and Borders asking them to build one (we were desperate and we knew we'd be there for 4 years!). They actually said that there weren't enough college graduates per 100 people to qualify as an area they would build in! We were shocked (kind of) and definitely SAD! So, I feel your pain 🙂

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