No, Mary Grace has not arrived. And heck no, we have not adopted a new pet. Rather, I would like to introduce you to Gigantic Blue Gorilla, the newest member of the Allison clan.
Yesterday, we received a call from our friends Tiffany and Matt who asked us if we wanted a “big stuffed animal” that someone they know won at Busch Gardens a while ago. They warned us that it really was pretty big, but we agreed… clearly oblivious of how large a stuffed animal could possibly be. Well, when they pulled up to our house last night, Matt and I could not stop laughing. We brought the “stuffed animal” (which is a title that does not do this thing justice) into the living room and pondered what Carson’s reaction would be to this beastly thing. Surprisingly, he loves it. He has kissed the gorilla, brushed the gorilla, and fed the gorilla throughout the course of the day.

Unfortunately for Carson, Gigantic Blue Gorilla has now taken up temporary residence in our garage and will be adopted by the Route 56 room of The Summit Church on Wednesday. Tiffany and Matt, we sincerely thank you for the time we have spent with Mr. Gorilla, but I just think that he would be better loved and cared for elsewhere.

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