As I have previously mentioned, Carson is a “why kid”. As such, I answer his questions all. day. long. So, now I’m turning the tables and would like to ask you, my faithful readers, a few questions.

  • I am so old and obsolete. This week at church, I was beyond shocked at the girls in front of us and how unbelievably short their sweater dresses were! I then felt compelled to pull my shirt down (in a very nonchalant manner, of course) to prove to Matt that my shirt was, in fact, longer than their dresses. Then I looked around at the many other college students in service with us and realized that I totally missed the mini sweater dress memo. Are all sweater dresses designed to hit right at or below one’s booty? Am I missing something??
  • Does anyone else hate it how vacuums start smelling bad after a few years of use? Or does that only happen to us? I blame the dog, but I’m not getting rid of her. Any other easy fixes? (If your fix happens to include gifting us with a new Dyson, I would happily oblige.)
  • As I was driving around my neighborhood tonight, it occurred to me that not one house on my street has candles in their windows. Not one! What’s the deal? Is this an eastern North Carolina thing? Or just a Clayton thing? I miss candlelit windows!
  • I am not ashamed to admit that I have been a faithful viewer of Sarah Palin’s Alaska on TLC. I like Sarah Palin and my husband wants to live in Alaska, so DVRing it was a no-brainer. Am I the only one, though, who thinks this may have been an odd move if politics are indeed in her future? Furthermore… the Gosselins on the Palin show? Really, TLC? Was that really necessary??

Okay, readyyyy… go.

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  1. you can put a dryer sheet in the vac bag compartment and that helps. also that meyers spray stuff is pretty good. you can get it at target.
    for the minis; one word: gross
    the candles: move to richmond; we are lit up from thanksgiving till new years. the commonwealth knows how to do it right.
    oh, that reminds me, i am sending car and mg a picture of the real santa. personalized to him (by me, but what the heck, he won't know the difference)…..

  2. mini sweater dresses? I think they're part of the whole tights/leggings now count as pants so what the heck fad. All of our youth group kids do it too…now that's even ickier in my book.
    candles? I agree. Move back here! Mine went up Nov. 28 (Advent I) and will stay up at least through Jan. 6 (last day of Christmas)…shoot, they might even stay up through Epiphany! We also have REAL Santa here:)

    Also, I have to tell you that I think about you and Carson quite often. Punk has recently entered a most intense question asking phase and sometimes I have to admit that my answers get to, "Because that's the way God made it."

  3. Catherine –

    I saw some sweater dresses that are knee length, paired with tights and boots. But I hang out with non-fun grad kids. Trust me, they do exist thought.

    As far as the vacuum, you can try the powder that you put down on the carpet as well. It probably does the same thing as the dryer sheet in the vac bag compartment and you can buy them in laundry scents.

    Mmmm… other than that… I think you should move to NYC. I hear great fun people will live there next year and they have a real santa clause too. I saw him in the macy's day parade. I'll even put some candles up in my windows. And there is a REALLY BIG tree there. Done.

    Love yall!


  4. I can't seem to find any longer ones either and I do really want to be a part of the fad, but tastefully.
    I'm not a big candle fan just because my kids would yank those suckers out, but my mama's house always has them and she is NC folk.
    no clue about the vacuum but ours does that too, it's now 3 years old and starting to get quite funky.
    TLC is trying to get cross over veiwers, like how they did a J&K plus 8 with teh motorcycle show. I think it's weird for Sarah to be doing the show, but maybe this is how she is trying to get her name out more. You know with Bristol doing Dancing and there is talk that her husband is gonna do it next season…

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