The other day, I was sorting through a box of keepsakes in the garage and came across my awesome Maasai necklace. As soon as Carson caught a glimpse of it, he immediately assumed it was a headband (oh Lord help us) and stuck it right on his head.
This made me laugh and prompted me to immediately go look for my Kenya photo album. I miss that place so freakin much, and it doesn’t help that Matt leaves for South Africa next week. It’s like this homesick feeling just washes over me when I think about my time there which makes me realize that there is no escaping reality- ready or not, I will be back some day!*Here I am with the cutest old Maasai man ever, correctly sporting Carson’s new “headband”

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  1. carson with his headbands, my boys always trying to wear my jewelry…they certainly like to accessorize. watch MG be a tomboy and refuse it all…

  2. I can't help but burst out laughing about the headband fascination! Carson is just the cutest…headband and all!!!! Hope you are feeling good as you prepare for your sweet girl:)

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