Beware: you’re about to enter into picture overload. But it’s my blog, and I can do as I wish. So, enter Christmas 2011 in pictures and captions. Consider yourself lucky as your online viewing experience spares you from the tornadic activity that is the Allison clan when they enter onto the scene at Christmastime. šŸ™‚

A definite highlight for Carson was sprinking the reindeer food he had made at school.. So cute.

Cousins Mary Grace and Maggie. For some reason, Mary Grace had beef with Maggie much of the time, and I had to break up some near-fights. Notice the look on Maggie’s face. Sheer terror of her bigger and badder (yet oh-so-innocent looking) cousin.
I think I need to have the “we don’t marry cousins” chat with Mary Grace at some point. Until then, sweet Thomas seems to tolerate her well.

I also think I need to get my cousin, Ellie, to move down here as our resident babysitter.
Classic. Will Gallahan and Carson tackling Will Seward to the ground.

Two peas in a pod. There was a lot of this. A LOT.

This picture makes me laugh. The blurred picture of Mary Grace all dressed up yet going n.u.t.s. on the trampoline sums the child up pretty well.

“Thebigfireboatlegoset” for which Carson waited nearly a year.

Disney princesses made their way onto the scene in a big way this Christmas. This is still a strange phenomenon to me, as Mary Grace has yet to even see any princess movies.

I’m kicking myself for not taking my camera out more on Christmas day at the Allisons. This is all I have- Mary Grace bonding with Uncle Gregory. This is how she was much of the day- perfectly content in the lap of a doting uncle.

Christmas with Matt’s mom. Her stockings are always phenomenal.

The look on Carson’s face is priceless here. More Legos, of course.
Getting ready to hit the road to head back to NC in their new Tech jersies. Just a bit amped up here…

Whew, so there ya have it. It was a merry Christmas indeed. šŸ™‚

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  1. I love the pictures of all the cousins! Sometimes I feel bad that we haven't had kids yet because our niece is going to end up the oldest (by far!) of whatever pack of cousins we end up with. I love to borrow trouble and worry that she won't have any one to play with on family vacations because the other kids will be so little. Crazy at it's best!

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