About an hour ago…
Mom: “Wow, Catherine. You are spending a lot of time on the laptop.”
Me: “Yeah, mom, I’m bored!”
Mom: [look of shock and disbelief]

My mom then promptly reminded me that I would have loved the chance to be bored about six months ago when my grad program was winding up. I agreed and reminded myself that I am here precisely for that reason- to spend three weeks free of agendas and to-do lists and stress. And for that opportunity (one in which I fear I will never again be able to enjoy), I am deeply grateful. For now, I will continue to try and settle into what my mom refers to as “beach mode.”

Now, for more pics…

This float is awesome, and Carson actually enjoyed himself in it the first time we used it. His little (i.e. very chunky) legs were kicking like crazy which cracked me up. Today, however, I tried it again, and he wasn’t so much a fan. Hopefully it was just an off-day. 🙂

Sitting poolside in the Bumbo… preparing to suck on his toes.

Morning nap in the sweet tent.
And a close-up. Poor child woke up covered in sand somehow, but he could have cared less.

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  1. Thanks for sharing Carson with me. He is absolutely beautiful, and you are the most patient, loving, sweet, gentle mom….you obviously have an excellent role model!

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