It’s DANG hot. I haven’t used the word “dang” since I was probably twelve, but this weather merited the use of such an adjective. Carson and I have been holed up in the beach house pretty much 24/7 for the past three days due to the crazy heat, though we did venture out to the pool tonight when the sun was going down. The only positive thing that has come from these temperatures was Carson’s enjoyment in floating in the pool that felt all too similar to his baths.

Oh yeah, and my little man is five months old today. Below you will see his latest trick… he now can (sorta) give high fives and realllly enjoys the exuberant praise that comes afterwards.

Other recent developments of note include…
His obsession with sucking on my cans of diet Coke. If I take the can away, he freaks BIG time. He must be teething because he has been gnawing on anything within site and reach… including Sugar’s dog bones.

As you look at the above picture, you might be thinking “Aww look at that happy child. How precious.” Don’t fool yourself. As precious as he might be, I snapped this pic about 25 minutes after I put him down for his nap this afternoon. (Note: he should have slept far longer than 25 minutes). Basically, Carson has made the executive decision that this beach trip is not a time for sleeping, resulting in a very exhausted mother. I have tried everything– we switched out his portacrib for a regular crib last night. He was up all night. I have put him in bed with me for the night. No luck there. I am now beyond desperate and cannot wait for my husband to arrive on Thursday evening who can hopefully change the ways of our nocturnal son.

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  1. better stock up on the diet cokes…i have a feeling my boys won’t be sleeping all that much either. won’t that be fun–three screaming children in the middle of the night. at least it better be cooler…

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