I realize that I have already lamented Carson’ s lack of sleep here, and before I revisit that topic, I would like to point out that the new crib which was delivered several nights ago has allowed me to enjoy far better rest than before. Thanks mom and dad!!
However, today I was forced to put Carson down for his morning nap in the dreaded porta-crib, as his spit-up stained crib sheets were in the wash.
Shortly after I put the tired little munchkin down, I heard some stirring coming from his room. This is how I found him.
He reminded me of a prisoner pleading for his freedom and willing to go to such desperate measures as chewing through the bars.And then he gave me that endearing look that turns me into a little softie and forces me to put down my camera and pick him up… nap or no nap.

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  1. well, mrs.hogsett, he loves the orange… thank you for the adorable outfit!!!! 🙂

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