Well, we’re in week #2 of our fall routine, and this is about how we’re doing…

IMG_9259He’s sound asleep, people.  Just minutes after pulling out of the school parking lot.  IMG_9306Between school deciding to start even earlier this year and the various fall activities we’ve added to the mix, we’re still trying to hit our stride.  In the meantime, we’re all operating in a state of exhaustion.

IMG_9295All of us except this one, that is.  Recently, Mary Grace has adamantly insisted that she never sleeps… and I’m starting to believe her.  Last night, I found the child wandering aimlessly upstairs hours past her bedtime.  Topless.  When I questioned her motives, she just shrugged and said, “It just felt good this way.”  Lord, have mercy on my soul.

IMG_9257And with the advent of fall comes school pictures.  The girls were up first.  For some reason, I always find it necessary to make our already-hectic mornings hectic-er by holding my own pre-preschool pictures photo shoot.  Because somewhere along the road, I’ve convinced myself that my iPhone can take better pictures than professional photographers.IMG_9337Until I get the proofs.

Preschool photographers are miracle workers, I tell you.

On top of all of the hustle and bustle this fall has ushered in, there’s still that pesky little shoulder surgery coming up in a few weeks.  This week, my surgeon casually dropped the bomb that I will not be allowed to lift my (RIGHT) arm for eight. whole. weeks. following my surgery.  I laughed.  Because I TOTALLY have time for that.

We’ll survive though.  Netflix already has my back in announcing their debut of Gilmore Girls next month.  And my type-A self has been working in hyperdrive, filling the freezer and stocking up on toilet paper and cleaning products.  Because Catherine not driving for three weeks must certainly be equivalent to the apocalypse.

Bring it, fall.  We’re ready.