Farewell, summer…
IMG_9193and hellooo, fall!

IMG_9224Yes, my friends.  School is back in session.  FINALLY.  Was it a good summer?  Yes.  But we just needed to get this show on the road at some point.  And, y’all, that point had passed weeks ago.

I guess Carson thought so too.  Because as every other first grade parent walked their children into their new classes this morning, Carson insisted on walking himself.  Through the monsoonish weather.  Having only a faint understanding of where in the heck he was walking.  Despite my nudging that “um, buddy, don’t you see all of the other parents walking their kids in?  I’d love to at least say ‘hi’ to your teacher.”  But he stood firm, and while it stung for a moment (for the love, he’s SIX!), I drove away grateful for his independence.  For a kid who’s not afraid to be different.  And for all of you teachers out there (all.of.you.) who tirelessly pour into our kids day in and day out.  Really, really grateful.

So, first grade, this kid I’m sending your way?  That one who confidently marched himself in this morning?  He’s really sweet.  I’d kind of appreciate it if you kept him that way.  K, thanks.