Three posts in a week?  Check me out.  It’s like life before the three-kid-mayhem set in!  Though let’s just ignore the fact that it’s dark out and I have yet to shower today.  Because priorities.

So, pictures.  Let’s start with school.  The girls started in their new preschool classes last week which is always somewhat anticlimactic since they attend their preschool (slash daycare) year-round.  But still, anything for a good photo op, right?

IMG_9103Mary Grace has been longing to be in the promised land, I mean the 4’s class, for as long as I can remember.  And now that she’s in there, she’s talking incessantly about starting kindergarten and taking “driving classes”.  Of course.  Also, can we address for just a wee moment this interesting little phenomenon that’s been going down in her school?  This phenomenon in which teachers LEAVE THE SCHOOL after/while having Mary Grace as a student?  Now, I am in NO way suggesting that this is linked to my precious second child.  Not at all.  That would be silly.  But we will certainly miss those four teachers who have left over the past three years.  Ahem.

IMG_9099And Elizabeth is off to the 3’s class, i.e. the first class to have ever had all three Allisons.  God bless ’em.

IMG_9108Meanwhile, Carson’s school is never going to start. I’ve just resigned myself to the fact that he’s home forever.  Home with not a care in the world, leaving me with ALL OF THE CARES because he needs to be in school.  Like weeks ago.

IMG_9097Also, football started with the Tribe and the Hokies facing off in what was ultimately an epic let-down.  I’ll leave it at that.

IMG_9154Oh and this…

IMG_9136This forest is just a few minutes down the road from our house, and it has entertained us for hours over the past week.  Anything that can (A) entertain all three of my kids for hours while (B) wearing them out is a gigantic win around here, and so we keep going back.

IMG_9176Each time we visit the forest and “hike” through its quiet and still paths, I feel a twinge of guilt.  Because the moment the Allisons hit the ground, any semblance of tranquility vanishes.  I feel like our noise and chaos has to mess with the ecosystems or disrupt the universe or something.


Speaking of which (actually, not really. but this story must be told and it must be told now.)… as I tucked Mary Grace into bed tonight and kissed her goodnight, she sweetly held me close and asked, “Mommy?  Mommy, did you marry daddy because he was the best husband you could find?”  I about died.

IMG_9184Ugh, I’m so crazy blessed.

And ridiculously exhausted.