What is this dark, blurry picture all about, you ask?

Well, let me tell you. That handsome lad to whom the yellow arrow is pointing is my husband… singing in the Campbell Divinity School choir!!

When enrolling for seminary classes several weeks ago, he was hungry for an easy credit and signed up for choir. Well, I have mocked him ever since (not that there is anything inherently wrong with being in choir, but it was just the thought of my husband doing so that made me laugh)… and I was finally able to see the music maestro doing his thing today at his commissioning service at Campbell.

I thought this monumental occasion simply had to be documented in the blog. Oh, and for the record, the choir sounded quite good!

(Don’t hate me, Matt.)

3 Comments on Choir Boy

  1. ahhh, matt, you look so sweet in a dress. and, aren’t you the same guy who also used to wear a gymnastics leotard????
    not to worry, you are still fabulous!

  2. A few points I’d like to make…

    1. That’s not me.
    2. I never did gymnastics
    3. If I had done gymnastics, I definitely wouldn’t have worn a ‘tard

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