A few things that we know about Carson after the first eight months of his life:

1. Carson is FULL of personality. He is (usually) very happy and goofy. He’s already such a ham- he gets a huge kick out of himself when he knows he’s being funny. He needs lots of attention and is very social. There’s definitely a sensitive side behind those big grins, though– for instance, if Chloe walks away despite Carson’s attempts to play with her, tears will typically ensue.

2. The boy can eat! And eat and eat and eat! He has not tried a single food that he has not liked. Oh, and he’s very intense when it comes to his food… he will not look away from his Cheerios until every single one has been consumed. In fact, the church nursery asked me to pack snacks with him because he apparently screamed when he saw other babies eating their Cheerios without him.

3. He is no longer the champion sleeper that he once was. He is still waking up about every three hours at night, despite our attempts to let him “cry it out” and is up for good around 5:30am. As exhausted as I am, however, my favorite time of the day is when I walk in his room in the early mornings to see him standing up with a huge grin plastered on his face and arms raised for me to scoop him up.

4. He is a momma’s boy… right now at least. It is been in just the past week or two that his attachment to me has become so obvious. While I was initially secretly smug about this, I have quickly realized that it is not always easy to have a 20+ pound baby glued to my hip or leg at every waking hour.

5. Carson is all-boy- he adores remotes, loves to spit, and he cracks up when his cars crash together. He’s also remarkably active and fast! I swear he knows the exact location of every potential child hazard in this apartment and takes off towards one of them any chance he can get.

It probably goes without saying, but this child has totally and completely stolen my heart!

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  1. Wow, he has gotten so big! We love checking your blog to see how you guys are doing…hope we can catch up soon:)
    ~Heather & Tim

  2. no wonder he loves to eat, with matt taking on his trips to the pizza hut buffet. maybe his first word will be pepperoni…….

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