The first day of school was always a near-holiday in my childhood.  Thorough lists were made weeks in advance to detail my every outfit for the initial days of school, and I would lose sleep the night before in anticipation of the coming year.  Apparently, as a parent, I am no different.  The kids started in their new classes at “school” today, and it was all-out celebratory mode in our home.  Never mind the fact that their “school” may also be referred to by some as twice-a-week daycare…. but we don’t refer to it as such.  Because it is so much more than that in our book.  We adore their school.  They are taught and loved so incredibly well there.  In fact, Carson has been known to cry when I have picked him up!  He loves it there that much!  And anyone who knows my sweet homebody mama’s boy would agree that this in and of itself is straight craziness.  And a huge blessing.

A few things of note about this year:

1. One of Carson’s teachers goes to our church!  Y’all, we live forty minutes away from church.  Let’s just say there is not a huge base of Summit members in Clayton.  And yet, Carson’s teacher is.  Love it.  And his other teacher?  Well, she previously taught kindergarten for 16 years at the school he’ll be attending next year.  So grateful.

2. I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned this, but it’s certainly worth mentioning…. Mary Grace has a definite German/Russian/eastern European accent.  We have no clue where she got this from, but it’s really pretty hilarious.  Even more comical is the fact that one of her teachers this year is originally from Ukraine… and, yes, has a thick eastern European accent.  They’ll be two peas in a pod in there, I suppose.


So, on with the pictures… Carson was all about some pictures this morning.  Probably because he was hyped up on the two HUGE cinnamon buns he ate for breakfast.  They were homemade and were each about the size of his head.  I mean, the first day of school only comes once a year, right?

Little Miss Mary Grace wasn’t so into it….

… until some fruit snack bribery entered onto the scene.

Seriously.  Could these two (1) look any different (2) be any cuter and (3) just stop growing so freakin quickly?!

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