It’s the first day of school here in North Carolina, and what better way to celebrate than going shopping?!  What?  You don’t use retail therapy as a coping mechanism/means of celebration?  Ah, but now is your chance, my friend…. because I can’t think of a better reason to hit the stores.  Allow me to explain.

As y’all know, we hope to be traveling to DRC within the next few months to bring Elizabeth home.  It’s not every day that we fly to Congo and meet up with the director of an orphanage in a remote, war-torn part of the country.  So, our plan is to bring as many supplies as we possibly can that the director can take back to the orphanage.  We want to bless the heck out of these children and their caregivers.

Their list of needs is pretty simple:

  • Good quality fleece footed pajamas (birth to size 6)*
  • Underwear up to size 6
  • Good quality cloth diapers* and plastic diaper covers
  • Good quality, simple bottles and nipples without multiple pieces
  • Crib toys that can attach to cribs

* All PJs, diapers, etc. will be handwashed often with harsh soaps, hence the request for well-made products.

That’s it!  We can do this, right?  This is such an awesome way to tangibly show love to the precious children who call this orphanage home. If anyone is interested in helping out, we’d be so thrilled! If you’re local, I can pick  any items up or you can always drop off with Matt at the Summit. If you’re not local and would like my address, shoot me an email at catherinesallison at gmail dot com and I’ll get that for you.

I’m so excited to love on these kids– the peers of our soon-to-be daughter– in this way! Plus… let’s face it… what’s cuter than a bunch of kids in footie pajamas and cloth diapers? Um, not much.