• Sinks.  I think  it must be a sign that I’m a legit adult when I got stupidly excited this morning over having a new kitchen sink installed.  Until my youngest invites the two plumbers to her birthday party.  “You can sit here at my birthday party!  And you can sit here!” she said a little too enthusiastically.  I’m pretty certain “stranger danger” is a phrase that has never entered her thoughts.
  • School.  I am kind of FREAKING out about the fact that Carson starts kindergarten in exactly one year.  I know, I know… it’s one whole year away.  But I am already envisioning my innocent little baby boy being offered a joint by a big, bad fifth grader.  Oh shut it, I think I’ve read about things like that happening before…. in the tabloids.  And no, unless the Lord speaks to me audibly and clearly tells me that I need to homeschool, they will not be educated by moi.  I’m pretty sure that it’s for the better of all mankind.
  • Target RedCard.  I got one!  Matt was a bit hesitant to cave to my “it’s a good financial move! look! 5% off all purchases! and free shipping!” campaign strategy.  But, alas, in an effort to get free shipping on a Target crib this week, he caved.  And the stinkin’ crib sold out!  So, we’re back at square one for cribs.  But have no fear, I have my new RedCard!  hehehe.
  • Quinoa.  I know it’s a magically healthy, currently popular food, but guys… I hate it.  I have tried so hard.  Have followed advice about rinsing and cooking properly and whatnot, but I can’t stand the taste of it!  And the little stringy things surrounding the little quinoas(?)… well, they look a bit too much like worms to me.  Pinworms to be exact.  (I work in peds, y’all!  Blame it on my profession!)  And if you were planning on making quinoa for dinner tonight, I apologize.  I hear Panera is pretty good too.

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  1. guessing the old crib didn’t work? colin says that it might have been missing one piece when we used it…glad will survived it, now knowing that! we like the cheapo jenny lind from babiesrus that thomas and maggie have used. that thing has worked great.

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