Today was the day I have been anticipating/dreading for quite some time now. The kids’ first day of school. It went well. It really did. But I still can’t keep from crying. I hate hate hate having to leave Carson and Mary Grace in the care of essentially strangers who don’t know all of their idiosyncrasies. I’m stressed and guilt ridden. And so tired. I was up half of the night, unable to tear my thoughts away from their first day.

But just look at those sweet faces. They were both as happy as two little larks when I picked them up this evening. I asked Carson to name the best part of his first day of school and he replied enthusiastically, “everything!”.

I need his attitude.

And what did Mary Grace have to say about her day, you ask? “I pooped on chair.”

Fabulous. Just fabulous.

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  1. At what age did we lose that resiliency and acceptance of change? You all were certainly in our thoughts yesterday and your news leaves us happy and optimistic. PawPaw

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