It’s lunchtime in the Allison household and I have yet to wash my face or change out of my pajamas. I may or may not have brushed my teeth. Not quite sure. But no worries, friends… while I, myself, may not currently be the epitome of clean and put together, my house sure is.

Now, you green, toxic-chemical-hating people may not want to read ahead. You might pass out from disgust.

Ready? Here we go…

I have used nearly an entire can of Lysol in one week. This morning alone, I have bleached/lysoled/scrubbed nearly every inch of my house. For the third or fourth time in the past seven days. The nurse in me just loves strong cleaning products.

I walked into Carson’s room last night to check on him and found him covered him in all kinds of bodily fluids. (You’re welcome for the visual. I never promised this post would be pleasant.) The Attack of the Stomach Bug, Take Two lasted alllll night long. This explains the fact that my washer and dryer have not rested since 9pm last night. Nor have the sweet sicky’s parents.

But I am happy to report that he is on the mend. He has had no “issues” since early this morning… which would make him eligible to return to school tomorrow! Yippeeee 🙂

Pray that we would get this sickness out of our house once and for all! I don’t think my washer can handle another load, and my nose could certainly use a break from the lysol/bleach cocktail I have going on around here. 🙂

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  1. I appreciate your unapologetic use of bleach/lysol! I get it, it's bad for the environment and kids and whatever, but the "green" products just don't feel like they clean. I need the reassurance of that "clean" smell. Plus our moms used all these cleaners and we all turned out fine. 🙂

    Hope everyone gets/stays healthy!

  2. way to go! if it doesn't smell clean, how do i know it is?! hope youre all felling better!!

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