Once upon a time (as in, ONE TIME), I decided to get all fancy and jump on the Friday Favorites bandwagon.  Well, I’m back.  Because friends let friends know things.  And I have some things you should know about:

THE water bottle.  

Specifically, the Avex Kids Autoseal Freeride Water Bottle.  For years, I have been on the prowl for the perfect kid water bottle.  One that doesn’t have extraneous pieces, is completely leak-proof, holds plenty of water, and is durable.  I thought I’d spend my life searching in vain until I discovered this brand.  We’ve had these over a year, and they have quickly outperformed our beloved Nalgenes and Contigos.  You’re welcome.


The PediaCast podcast.  

Okay.  I could get on my “Oh my gosh, you guys!  I know your Facebook mom groups can diagnose allllll of the ailments, but you know another person who may be able to help you out?  Oh, that’s right!  Your pediatrician!” soapbox.  That’s a soapbox I have REALLY BIG FEELINGS about.  But I’ll restrain myself.  Instead, I’ll send you onto this fantastic podcast that I’ve been loving for a while now.  It’s all evidence-based insight into some of the big issues and questions in the realm of pediatrics.  Check ’em all out, but I especially appreciated two of the most recent episodes on vaccinations.  (Spoiler alert: THERE IS NO CONSPIRACY.  We- your friendly pediatric healthcare providers- are actually not involved in some covert operation to get rich off of your kid’s shots.  I know this may come as a surprise for some, but we do indeed believe in science.  We value modern medicine.  Know that vaccines save lives.  And want your kid and others to stay healthy.  That’s all.  The end.)  (I really tried to restrain myself.  Really really tried.  xoxo.)


Jen Wilkin teaching me how to parent.  

Alright.  So, you took my advice and listened to PediaCast.  You heard the evidence.  You got your kid vaccinated.  You’re feeling pretty good about yourself.  And then, suddenly your kid turns two and becomes a crazyperson and you don’t even know WHAT TO DO.  No worries.  Gotcha covered.  One of my favorites, Jen Wilkin, led a parenting class along with her husband a few years ago.  And y’all, it’s SO good.  Super practical and Christ-centered.  You can listen to the sessions here.  My only regret is that I didn’t get my hands on these years ago.

Target’s Cat & Jack line.  

Confession: one of my (many) great flaws in life is my love for overpriced kid clothes.  Interestingly, I hate to shop for myself.  Hate. It.  But, put me in a room filled with smocking and appliques and monograms?  The struggle is real.  So, when I can find kids’ clothes that are SO CHEAP that my kids and I both love, it’s a victory.  Enter Cat & Jack, Target’s new kid’s line.  They even make little girl’s jeans that are so soft and comfy that Mary Grace is willing to wear them.  And that says a heckofalot coming from the kid who won’t let anything “not comfy” come near her body.  Clearly, I just needed a little more fuel for my Target Love Affair.  Clearly.


I Am: 40 Reasons to Trust God.

After a friend mentioned this book a while back, I hopped on Amazon right away to order one for our family.  We’re always on the lookout for solid resources that can help us teach our kids the Bible, and this is a good one.  There are PLENTY of books out there that kindly inform my darling children that they are precious.  Wonderfully made.  Loved by God.  We have tons of ’em.  But what I love about this particular book is that Diane Stortz shifts the focus away from US and back to GOD.  She hits on 40 names and attributes of the Lord while teaching through scripture.  We read this on a daily(ish) basis- typically once my kids are already restrained in their seatbelts in the mornings.  Because, y’all.  These kids may be precious and wonderfully made, but having a kid belted into a seat can be a beautiful thing.


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  1. I’m binge-listening to pediacast — starting with the sleep episode (my almost-16-month old doesn’t sleep through the night…) and the water safety episode (we have a pool).
    Thanks for the recommendation!

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