Mary Grace,

Seven.  SEVEN?  So what if you’ve spent the past 364 days compulsively talking about your birthday; I’m still confused by this new reality.

I’ve spent some time this week reading through your previous birthday posts, and perhaps I should just say “please reference birthday posts from year one through five” and leave it at that. Because you, my girl, are holding pretty steady.


At one, I summed you up as “feisty”.  At two, I wrote, “You’re very verbal. Let’s rephrase that. You never shut your mouth.”  On your third birthday, I spoke to your hilarity and volume: “You have us rolling in laughter all day.  You love to entertain and bring laughter… The louder the better is your motto.”  At four, I wrote about your creativity, imagination, and confidence- how “you will not be forced into a mold”.  At five, you loved to “draw and create.”  And last year, I marveled, “I continue to be amazed at how comfortable you are in your own skin.  Without looking to the left and the right, you keep staying your course.”

ALL OF THIS IS STILL SO TRUE.  With every passing year, you just keep doing you.  And you’re pretty stinkin great.


A few new developments in the life of SEVEN! YEAR! OLD! Mary Grace:

You have developed a recent fascination with the presidency and recently orchestrated an elaborate presidential campaign and election.  We’re talking campaign posters, voting booth, speeches, the works.  You now consider yourself president of our home which has proved problematic from time to time.  We’re working on it.

You’re kind of “ehh” about school but are developing a love for reading.  You devour all things Stink Moody and Critter Club and will read any book about fierce animals that you can get your hands on.  You’re also legitimately obsessed with school cafeteria food.  And have created more playground “clubs” than I can keep track of.  So.  Maybe you’re not so “ehh” about school after all.


You’re a night owl.  Most evenings, you stay awake LONG (for the love, way too long) after your supposed bedtime.  BUT!  You no longer bang your head on the floor to fall asleep!  Because, earrings!!  When you got your ears pierced this summer, I may have convinced you that banging your head would surely RUIN YOUR PIERCINGS.  And, behold.  It worked. Small victories.  And no more forehead perma-bruises.

You, my child, are not a follower.  You’re constantly leading, directing, creating, teaching, and scheming.  Every single room in our house bears witness to your creativity, half-baked business ventures, and fully-baked mess.

Your best friend is Elizabeth.  Your favorite show is Cupcake Wars.  Your favorite food is hummus.  And your favorite song is Taio Cruz’s Dynamite.  Because of course it is.


You have a lightning fast wit, a fiery spirit, and a generous heart.  When you believe in something, Mary Grace, you don’t. back. down.  I pray that God channels all of this for good.  For Him.  Because, when that happens… girl.  This world just won’t be the same.

Happy birthday, you big seven year old, you!  Love you to pieces!