Mary Grace,

Today, I will spare you from the “holy cow, how is my little girl already two??” comments. Let me just dive into things.

You are such a fun kid, Mary Grace. You love life and live it to the fullest. You’re very, very active. Like, you never stop moving. You think every moment of life is a game of chase. Some children remain gingerly by their mothers’ sides. But no, Mary Grace. It seems as though your sole purpose in life is to dash away from me as quickly as your little legs can take you. I won’t take it personally.

You love to color (our walls bear witness to this). You love Little People and Playmobil sets. You love to build blocks. You love Winnie the Pooh (you call him Poop Dare) and Disney Princesses and Dora. You’re straight up obsessed with baby dolls.

It makes me happy how serious you are about accessorizing. It is not possible for you to leave a necklace or bracelet by the wayside. You must wear them. One day, we’ll address the “less is more” principle. For now, though, people tend to find toddlers wearing costume jewelry in Walmart quite endearing.

You’re very verbal. Let’s rephrase that. You never shut your mouth. On your first day of school last month, I called the director to check in. You know what she said? “Mary Grace sure does talk a lot!” Your prayers are precious. Typically you pray, “God. Thank you for Jesus, God. I love you God. Amen.” And you have one volume: loud. Whispering is a concept that you just don’t care for at this point.

You’re a tough little thing. You are far more rough with Carson than he is with you. And you’re a biter. You also give open mouth kisses. This leaves us in quite the conundrum. When you approach us with an open mouth, we’re not sure what’s coming… so, if we back away when you’re trying to kiss us, no hard feelings, k?

When you say your name, it comes out as “The Grace”. If you ask me, it sounds like the name of a WWF wrestler. This really makes me laugh because you truly are a force to be reckoned with. Maybe your pseudonym is more appropriate than we once thought.

You’re a pretty okay eater but a really great sleeper. You still have a love affair with ranch dressing, and you will often sleep ’till 8am (sometimes later). I think the ranch obsession is slightly nasty, but I am overjoyed that you have inherited your father’s sleeping habits.

You have hit some major milestones in the past few months. You sleep in a bed. You’ve ditched the paci. You are almost entirely potty trained (I’ll leave it at that. You’re welcome.) Before I know it, you’ll be going out on your first date. And your father will be buying his first shotgun.

You haaate having your hair brushed and fixed. Your sneaky little self has even resorted to hiding your brush. Lucky for you, the lion’s mane that you typically rock looks pretty darn cute on you. It also adds a few inches to your petite self.

You are in this “I’m obsessed with mom and she must meet my every need” phase. It started off cute, but now you’re running me ragged. Isn’t that what the two’s are about though?

Mary Gracey, we love you so very much. Your exuberant, joyful spirit adds so much to our family, and I have so much fun being your mom. Happy birthday, sweet girl!

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  1. Love the words and phrases you use to describe her. She is going to cherish reading this one day! I'm glad Cole is in her class some weeks and gets to play with her.

  2. Mary Graceee!

    I love that you insist you are four. For a brief (okay, long) period in my three's I insisted that my name was Ashley, and wouldn't answer to anything else. Keep up the "good work"!! Happy Birthday and I miss you Miss Mary Grace! šŸ™‚


    Auntie Ash…errr… Katie!

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